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* The following are some of our verdicts and settlements:

$2.875 million – Failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism, resulting in death

$4.2 million – Tractor-trailer/car accident with severe injuries

$3.25 million – Turnpike crash with severe back injuries

$3 million – Cerebral palsy caused by delayed delivery despite fetal distress

$3 million – Failure to diagnose a post-operative infection causing partial paralysis

$1.4 million – Slip and fall causing a severe fracture

$3 million – Failure to diagnose malignant melanoma leading to death

$1.1 million – Defective chain broke on truck causing a motor vehicle accident

$2.5 million – Misreading of abnormal Pap smear/increased risk of cancer

$1 million – Failure to diagnose esophageal cancer leading to death

$900,000 – Spa weight machine accident causing back injuries

$1.3 million – Cerebral palsy caused by delayed delivery despite fetal distress

$1.1 million – Electrocution death caused by faulty wiring

$675,000 – Permanent nerve damage caused by wisdom tooth extraction

$1.05 million – Foot injuries caused by an improperly installed fence

$800,000 – Pedestrian struck by truck causing foot injuries

$1.8 million – Delay in diagnosis of stroke causing brain damage

$600,000 – Knee and shoulder replacements from slip and fall on black ice

$850,000 – Permanent back and leg injuries against tavern for serving intoxicated patron who caused auto accident

* Each case is unique. Past recoveries do not guarantee future results.

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