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Posts tagged "Truck Accidents"

Interstate trucking sometimes means accidents in multiple states

Have you ever wondered by trucking companies are regulated by the federal government? One important reason is that trucking companies located in one state can send their trucks on deliveries across the U.S., and even into Canada and Mexico. We can't have different traffic and safety rules for trucks from different states; we need nationwide standards everyone has to meet.

Summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers - and the rest of us

There is nothing like the first week or two of summer. The days are not stifling, the beach beckons, schools are out and a general sense of relief that winter is truly over settles in. The Delaware Valley takes a deep breath and basks in that sense of wellbeing.

Truck tires: Fast and furious sparks new regulation

A number of truck accidents involving tire blowouts triggered a National Highway Traffic Safety investigation last year. Truckers had reported 16 incidents involving specific Michelin tires. While there were only three crashes -- with no injuries -- it is not hard to understand the drivers' and their employers' concern.

Trucks under troubled bridges - what could happen?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Keystone State is home to more "structurally deficient" bridges than any other state. The state owns 25,000 bridges, so it may be hard to keep up. Still, PennDOT reports that, on average, these bridges are 50 years old or older.

Do plaintiffs have to pay taxes on wrongful death settlements?

April 15 is closer than we think, and you may be wondering how to handle your personal injury or wrongful death settlement on your federal and state tax returns. It is hard enough to deal with the emotional aftermath of a serious injury, much less the loss of a loved one -- now you have to think about the tax implications? It may not seem fair, but -- we won't go so far as to say that neither the IRS nor the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue cares about someone's personal situation, but taxes really aren't about being fair.

What are the most common injuries from truck accidents?

The brakes screech, the tires squeal, and then comes the unmistakable sound of metal slamming against metal or another hard surface. Motor vehicle accidents are always bad, and in many cases the results are devastating. Although some accidents happen purely because of an unfortunate set of circumstances, many could be avoided if someone were paying closer attention to the road and the task at hand.

PennDOT: Designated drivers are real heroes of Super Bowl Sunday

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has joined four other states in the "Be a hero - be a Designated Driver" campaign -- and just in time for Super Bowl XLIX on Feb. 1. The campaign is pretty much to the point: Offer to be a designated driver, especially on holidays and, well, almost-holidays. Keeping even one drunk driver off the road is an act of heroism.

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