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Egregious medical errors have killed and injured patients

It is common for patients in Pennsylvania hospitals to put a lot of trust in their practitioners. However, doctors are capable of committing egregious errors, and patients must remain vigilant about their own health care experience. Though doctors save many people's lives, they have also caused patient deaths and injuries.

IV and liquid oral medication standardizing efforts being made

While most doctors place a strong emphasis on safety, Pennsylvania patients can still be at risk for becoming ill or injured due to medication errors at a health care facility. Many of these errors are associated with IV and oral liquid medication. In some cases, a lack of standardization can contribute to these types of mistakes.

Preventing medical errors before surgery

A Johns Hopkins study published in May 2016 found that almost 200,000 deaths occur annually due to medical errors in the United States. If this number is right, medical errors would be the third largest cause of death based on the rankings provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pennsylvania residents might like to know about how they can avoid being victims of these types of mistakes.

The dangers of a hospital stay

Pennsylvania residents may have heard that medical errors and prescription drug interactions are among the nation's leading killers, but they might not know just how hazardous a stay in an American hospital can be. Studies indicate that more than 400,000 American hospital patients die each year as a result of a hospital error, and about 75,000 patients die as a result of infections that they develop during their hospital stays.

Hospital systems not catching many medication errors

In spite of the efforts of many in the medical community in Pennsylvania and around the country, medical errors trail only heart disease and cancer as a cause of U.S. deaths. One of the believed resolutions for medication errors in particular is the use of computerized-physician-order-entry systems, but it appears that these systems are not as effective at rooting at problems as they were expected to be. A recently released study done by a non-profit organization found that a significant number of mistakes aren't being found by these systems.

Avoiding medication errors through good communication

When a Pennsylvanian has an elderly loved one who is on a number of different medications, it is important to make certain that all of the loved one's doctors and health care professionals are on the same page. Medication errors can happen when there is a break in communication, potentially harming the patient as a result.

Disruptions can cause medication errors

When Pennsylvania patients are hospitalized, they expect their health care staff to provide their medications in a timely and safe manner. This job falls to the nurses. However, the nurses' jobs also include other tasks, all of which must be balanced. This means that nurses often experience numerous disruptions and interruptions throughout their workday, which could potentially lead to errors.

Is malpractice to blame for every negative medical outcome?

Medical care is more advanced and sophisticated than it has ever been. However, it is also more chaotic and costly. Because of all this, patients can often feel overwhelmed and uninformed when it comes to their health care options, expectations and needs. 

Take steps to prevent prescription errors

Problems with prescriptions can occur when patient names get confused, an instruction label is printed wrong or one is given pills at a stronger dosage than needed. Prescription errors could lead to serious health issues for Pennsylvania residents, but a pharmacist from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices has some tips for preventing drug errors.

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