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Wheel spikes on trucks could be dangerous for others

In some cases, Pennsylvania drivers may feel uneasy on the roadways when they see semi-trucks with spike-like lug nut covers on the trucks' wheels. These ornamental spikes often extend well beyond the rims of the wheels, making some drivers nervous that they may damage their vehicles if they pass the truck too closely. Because there is some concern that these ornamental spikes can be dangerous, one state even passed legislation to ban them.

Health risks associated with truck crashes in Pennsylvania

A recent study by the University of Utah School of Medicine indicates that the health of a truck driver may influence how likely it is that they will be involved in an accident. Researchers looked at the medical records of almost 50,000 commercial truck drivers and their crash histories.

Pennsylvania roads may grow safer without cellphones

In December 2016, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration sought public feedback and commentary on rules that it proposed as part of its Driver Distraction Guidelines. In the proposal, the agency sought to combat the fact that despite its prior efforts at education, many people continue creating hazardous road conditions by using their cellphones and other devices while driving. By asking cellphone manufacturers to help combat the problem, the NHTSA hopes to decrease the likelihood that motorists will get distracted this way.

FMCSA electronic logging rule withstands legal challenge

Fatigued truck drivers are a leading cause of accidents involving big rigs in Pennsylvania and around the country. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration restricts the amount of time that truck drivers can be behind the wheel before taking a mandatory break, and the federal agency has been involved in a long-running legal battle with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association over the introduction of electronic logging devices to keep track of how long drivers spend behind the wheel.

Agencies propose speed limiting regulations for trucks

Truck and bus drivers in Pennsylvania may soon have mandatory speed limiters installed on their vehicles. Proposed regulations that would mandate the installation of speed limiting devices on commercial vehicles are open for public comment.

Trucking technology innovations

Pennsylvania drivers may feel safer on the roads knowing that truck component companies ZF and WABCO are developing a rear-end collision avoidance system. The Evasive Maneuver Assist system offers more advanced active braking technology, making it easier for tractor-trailers to stop in time to avoid dangerous rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions are a common type of trucking accident that usually occurs when a car stops suddenly and a truck behind it does not have the time to brake or change lanes.

The role of driverless trucks in Pennsylvania

As autonomous car technology continues to evolve, some are looking to a future that also involves driverless trucks. Industry veterans from Apple, Tesla and Google have joined forces to create a new company called Otto. It developed a product that took three normal Volvo VNL 780 trucks and turned them into vehicles capable of navigating a route on its own.

Truck fatalities down but crashes up

Puzzling results from a federal survey of truck crashes has inspired discussion among industry groups in Pennsylvania and across the nation as they try figure out what happened to the accident rate in 2014. The number of trucks that were involved in fatal accidents nationwide decreased by 5 percent decrease from the previous year. However, injury crashes involving trucks rose by 21 percent over the same period.

Rule change for logging trucking hours

Road safety is an important issue in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Fatigued driving can be especially dangerous, and this issue has been addressed extensively in the trucking industry because drivers can be pressured to meet deadlines by driving even when tired. In spite of regulations, some drivers continue to operate their vehicles while sleep-deprived, keeping two sets of logs to cover up their failure to comply with limits. However, a new rule that has been issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is designed to increase compliance and accountability.

Interstate trucking sometimes means accidents in multiple states

Have you ever wondered by trucking companies are regulated by the federal government? One important reason is that trucking companies located in one state can send their trucks on deliveries across the U.S., and even into Canada and Mexico. We can’t have different traffic and safety rules for trucks from different states; we need nationwide standards everyone has to meet.

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