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The potential dangers of U-turns 

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Car Accidents

Many people in Pennsylvania depend on using the roads to carry out their daily activities. Often, vehicles are used for employment purposes, but can also be utilized to visit loved ones or get them from one point to another.

As a result, the roads can get busy, which in turn can lead to more accidents. Certain behaviors and vehicle maneuvers also pose a threat of causing a collision. One notable example is the U-turn. As the name suggests, a U-turn involves moving the position of a vehicle by 180 degrees in the shape of a U. 

In certain conditions, it may be unlawful to perform a U-turn. However, even when permitted, a U-turn can be hazardous. Outlined below are some of the main dangers of this vehicular maneuver. 

Some roads may not be suitable for U-turns

It is very easy to misjudge the width of a road surface. Roads or streets that are too narrow can make it impossible to perform a U-turn. In such circumstances, drivers may have to perform a three-point turn, which risks bringing traffic to a standstill. The risk of a collision may be heightened significantly if fast-moving vehicles are heading towards a stationary object that they are not expecting. 

U-turns can cause confusion for other drivers

Often, roads will have specific signage in place that indicates whether a U-turn is both possible and permitted. Drivers who opt to perform this maneuver in areas with no clear signage may confuse pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. Paying careful attention to the law and road markings could go a long way towards preventing a U-turn collision.

Understanding some of the common causes of auto accidents can help you avoid them. If you have been involved in an auto accident due to another driver’s mistake, you should remember that there are legal options available to you.