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Rating your dog bite or attack

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Injuries

People love dogs! They are cute, cuddly and loyal, deserving of their reputation as man’s best friend. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous in some situations. Dog bites can result in significant injuries and can even threaten a victim’s life.

Why do dogs bite and attack?

Sometimes, negligent dog owners teach their animals to be as aggressive as possible. Other times, the dog may be afraid or otherwise stressed and bites out of fear. Regardless of the reason for an unprovoked attack, the animal owner has a legal duty to keep others safe from his or her dog.

When animal owners fail in their duty and dog-bite injuries occur, the victims may have valid injury claims. A successful claim assures victims receive proper medical care while replacing many out-of-pocket costs (lost wages, travel expenses for medical care, etc.) associated with the attack.

Can a dog-bite rating scale affect your case?

Courts in Pennsylvania need proof that the dog bite occurred wrongfully before you can win your claim. Using a dog bite assessment scale can help you show a court why you deserve compensation. Typically rated from level one (no injury) to level six (attack resulting in death), an assessment scale provides critical information on just how severe the attack was.

If you or a family member suffered serious injuries in a dog attack, consider how an attorney might help with your case. Experienced legal guidance combined with proven evidence, such as the dog bite scale, may help you prevail and possibly save others from suffering the same fate.