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Icy sidewalks raise slip-and-fall risks

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Injuries

You never intended to sue your neighbor. But as you were walking home from the store, you slipped on their icy sidewalk and suffered a serious concussion. 

Your doctor diagnosed a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Now, you are off from work, have mounting medical bills and are still experiencing headaches and other ill effects from your slip-and-fall injury. What can you do?

Filing a claim for damages is not a lawsuit

It is helpful to understand that filing a claim for damages against your neighbor’s homeowners insurance policy is quite different than personally suing your neighbor. Damage claims can arise out of many incidents — car accidents and storm damage are two common sources of claims for damage.

After all, protecting homeowners from liability for these claims is the reason that people purchase homeowners insurance in the first place. Don’t make it more onerous than it is.

How damage claims escalate to lawsuits

The majority of legitimate damage claims are paid out swiftly. Few escalate to actual litigation, although that does remain an option if your claim gets denied or the insurance company drags its feet.

You have the right to be made whole again

When your neighbor failed to timely clear their walk of snow and/or ice, the treacherous conditions that resulted were due to negligence on the part of your neighbor. That negligence directly led to you slipping, falling and suffering a TBI through no fault of your own.

You deserve financial compensation for your losses and damages in the accident. A Bensalem personal injury attorney can assist you with filing a claim for damages.