Truck, bus and other CMV drivers in Pennsylvania will want to keep the date June 4 in mind because it kicks off the three-day International Roadcheck. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds this annual inspection spree as a way to enforce federal CMV and driver regulations. The majority of inspections will be at Level I, which is the most comprehensive and covers both regulations.

CMV drivers throughout the U.S. will be stopped at random and have truck components like the steering, suspension, brakes, tires, wheels, lights and cargo securement devices checked. They will also be asked to present their CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates and work logs. If they pass, they will receive a CVSA decal to indicate this. If not, they will receive an out-of-service order.

The special focus in 2019 is steering and suspension. These components are responsible for supporting the heavy load of trucks and buses and for maintaining control and stability when drivers accelerate and brake. They even keep the tires in alignment, preventing uneven wear and thus reducing the chances of tire failure.

During the 2018 International Roadcheck, nearly 12,000 vehicles and 2,600 drivers were put out of service. The most common vehicle violations involved the brakes, tires and wheels/brake adjustment. Drivers were most often caught with hours-of-service violations, wrong class licenses and false logs.

Many truck accidents are caused indirectly through improper maintenance. Someone who has been hurt in a truck accident may be eligible for compensation. However, they might want a lawyer to assist them with their claim. There is a two-year statute of limitations in this state for personal injury lawsuits. A lawyer may hire third parties like investigators, photographers and medical experts to strengthen a case before proceeding to settlement negotiations or litigation.