Pennsylvania drivers are encouraged to exercise extra caution when driving on the freeway during the winter months and especially during the busy holiday season. Recent statistics point to an added reason for this extra caution. There has been an increase in serious accidents that involve dump trucks as well as ready-mix concrete delivery trucks. This increase is seen as part of an ongoing problem that centers around bad driving habits.

The insurance industry has increased premiums on fleets and individual vehicles with the goal of encouraging improved driving habits. These measures have not produced the desired results as of yet. Additional measures have included limiting driver fatigue, something that is often a factor in dump truck collisions. They have also introduced technology designed to monitor what happens when these large vehicles are on the road.

The most recent statistics available for accidents involving dump trucks is from the year 2016. During that time, there was a nine percent increase in the number of accidents involving dump trucks that required a vehicle to be towed away. During that same year, the 5,483 dump truck accidents involving injuries represented a 2.7 percent increase over the year 2015.

The situation is not much brighter with ready-mix concrete delivery trucks. During 2016, the 838 accidents that required a vehicle to be towed away represented a 9.6 percent increase from the previous year. Couple this with the 3.8 percent increase in accidents that led to fatalities and it is clear to see why this trend could be a cause for concern.

There are number of reasons why this may be happening. Drivers may be distracted because of cell phones or other mobile devices. Some may be speeding, and others may feel the pressure caused by load incentives.

When someone is the victim of a truck accident, they may want to speak to a personal injury attorney. Their attorney could help them by reviewing evidence provided from law enforcement and other agencies based on their investigations. They may review witness accounts, look at camera footage, and examine reports from accident reconstructionists.