A semi truck with failing brakes can pose a serious safety risk to other motorists on the Pennsylvania roadways. Despite the fact that brake maintenance is critical for trucks to safely navigate the roads, safety violations involving brake issues continue to top the list of problems found by inspectors. In an inspection blitz for Brake Safety Week sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), over 14 percent of all trucks inspected were taken off of the roads due to safety violations involving brake systems. The week, carried out in September 2018, marked the CVSA’s latest effort to draw attention to brake maintenance issues.

Poorly maintained brakes could increase the likelihood of a catastrophic trucking accident, especially if a commercial truck driver loses control of the vehicle. While there were a number of different types of violations found during Brake Safety Week, many were serious enough to order some trucks sidelined until repairs were made. Inspectors evaluated 35,080 commercial trucks and took 4,955 of them out of service as a result.

Some of the most common issues found by inspectors involved violations of safety rules for antilock braking systems (ABS). Certain types of vehicles require the installation of ABS, and these brakes also must be maintained regularly. However, inspectors found that out of 17,857 trailers with mandatory ABS, 2,224 had violations, a full 12.5 percent. Another 8.3 percent of air-braked power units were also found to have violations of ABS safety standards.

When truck brakes are not properly maintained, the consequences of violating safety regulations can be catastrophic. Truck crashes can lead to serious injuries and permanent disabilities. Someone who has been injured in a collision caused by another party’s negligence can work with a personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for their damages, including medical bills and lost wages.