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Wheel spikes on trucks could be dangerous for others

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Truck Accidents

In some cases, Pennsylvania drivers may feel uneasy on the roadways when they see semi-trucks with spike-like lug nut covers on the trucks’ wheels. These ornamental spikes often extend well beyond the rims of the wheels, making some drivers nervous that they may damage their vehicles if they pass the truck too closely. Because there is some concern that these ornamental spikes can be dangerous, one state even passed legislation to ban them.

Part of why these ornamental spikes may be considered dangerous is because about 50 percent of bicyclists and 25 percent of pedestrians who die in large truck accidents are struck by the side of the truck. Side impacts can become even more dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians if the trucks have large wheel spike ornaments. These motorists may also be distracting or even intimidating to other drivers. In fact, the plaintiff in a Louisiana large truck accident case in 2012 made special note that the truck had ornamental spikes.

Due to the dangers associated with the wheel spikes, Hawaii passed legislation that banned “dangerous wheels.” Further, some trucking companies also took steps to ban wheel spikes to help foster an image of safe driving. Further, by banning the wheel spikes, the trucks do not look as aggressive or as intimidating to others.

Due to their size, large trucks are not able to stop as quickly as other vehicles or maneuver around road hazards as nimbly as SUVs and smaller passenger cars. If another driver ends up in the path of a large truck, a truck accident could occur, resulting in serious injuries or even a fatality. A personal injury attorney could work with a person who suffered debilitating injuries in a large truck accident by seeking compensation from the insurance company, the liable driver and the truck company if the driver was on the clock.