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Trucking technology innovations

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Pennsylvania drivers may feel safer on the roads knowing that truck component companies ZF and WABCO are developing a rear-end collision avoidance system. The Evasive Maneuver Assist system offers more advanced active braking technology, making it easier for tractor-trailers to stop in time to avoid dangerous rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions are a common type of trucking accident that usually occurs when a car stops suddenly and a truck behind it does not have the time to brake or change lanes.

EMA technology uses radar and other sensor technology to detect conditions on the road, making real-time decisions that assist truck drivers. If the system senses that a car is stopped up ahead and a collision is imminent, it will warn the driver with visual and audio alerts. If the truck driver does not respond in a timely manner, the automatic system will take over with the appropriate action. If road conditions allow for changing lanes, the truck will move to avoid the collision. When there are vehicles present in adjacent lanes, the truck automatically brakes to mitigate the impact.

WABCO’s OnGuard active braking system has been installed in American trucks for several years, and the new EMA system expands upon existing technology. The new system assumes control over the steering system of the truck to avoid accidents. According to ZF’s CEO, the EMA system will be available on the American market within the next three to four years.

While any technology that reduces the incidence and severity of truck collisions is to be applauded, there will continue to be instances where big rig accidents will occur. When it can be determined that such an accident has been caused by negligent truck maintenance or a distracted truck driver, an attorney could assist an injured victim in pursuing compensation from the at-fault party.