While most doctors place a strong emphasis on safety, Pennsylvania patients can still be at risk for becoming ill or injured due to medication errors at a health care facility. Many of these errors are associated with IV and oral liquid medication. In some cases, a lack of standardization can contribute to these types of mistakes.

The problem is that multiple health care and emergency care staff will provide IV medication. For example, if a patient is in a car accident, first responders will place IV lines while en route to the hospital. Once the patient has been admitted, emergency room staff will give new medications through IV lines that might not be the same in concentration as the previous medication. If the patient needs surgery, the surgeon may use a different combination of medication. If the patient goes to the ICU, the medication may be changed yet again.

Each time new medication is given, the pharmacist must make new medications and the infusion pumps must be reprogrammed. The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists announced that it is launching an initiative that will promote standard concentrations for IV medications across all departments. The initiative, which will take place over three years, is called Standardize 4 Safety and will focus on IV infusions and oral liquids.

If a doctor error or a medication mistake causes a patient’s medical condition to worsen, an attorney may assist with obtaining fair compensation through a lawsuit. Depending on the situation, the attorney may help the injured patient seek compensation for the additional medical and hospital costs, pain and suffering and for any other losses the error caused.