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Breast cancer misdiagnosis may lead to medical malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2015 | Medical Malpractice

Many Pennsylvania women may be living proof that breast cancer can be overcome. However, those are likely the cases in which early detection, diagnoses and timely treatment secured survival. Unfortunately, many cases of breast cancer are misdiagnosed because biopsy results or mammogram images are misinterpreted, mixed up or misread. A delay in cancer diagnosis can have serious implications and may even lead to premature death, and it is not surprising that many medical malpractice lawsuits result from such negligence.

Victims who are living with the consequences of misdiagnosed breast cancer — both physical and financial consequences — may be eligible to pursue financial relief by filing medical malpractice claims in a civil court. Because recovery and treatment must remain the top priority, victims may find comfort in knowing that there are experienced attorneys who focus on protecting the rights of those who were denied timely treatment. Such legal representatives will take care of the legalities while patients work on getting better.

In a misdiagnosis case, the plaintiff will have to prove that negligence by a medical professional caused the advanced stage of the cancer. Furthermore, it will have to be shown that the misdiagnosis impacted adversely on the treatment and prognosis. Your attorney will have to obtain all the relative medical records, and an oncologist will be needed to prove your case.

An accurate timeline of all the relative medical events in the time prior to the misdiagnosis and beyond will help the legal team to assess the circumstances and determine whether a medical malpractice claim will be provable. With access to all the relevant data, preparation for the case can proceed. A Pennsylvania attorney will protect the rights of his clients while working on obtaining the deserved compensation to cover medical and other expenses.

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