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Bikes recalled after victims injured by defective lever

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spring is the time of year when people across Pennsylvania will be spending time outside, enjoying the warmer weather. For many of us, this includes riding bikes. There are many safety precautions that people take to stay safe on a ride, whether they are just riding for fun or commuting to work. We wear helmets, obey traffic laws and make sure we have working lights or reflective tape to be visible at night.

Unfortunately, if a bike is unsafe or defective, there may be nothing a person can do to prevent a serious accident. This appears to be the case with roughly 1 million Trek brand bicycles that were recently recalled because of a defective part that caused three accidents, including one that left a rider paralyzed.

According to reports, the affected bikes have a faulty quick release lever that keeps the front wheel in place. When working properly, the lever allows a rider to quickly take off a wheel or put it back on. 

Unfortunately, many of these levers can get stuck in the disc brakes on the bike and the wheel can get loose, making it difficult to keep control over the bike. In at least three instances, riders fell and got injured. One person suffered a serious spinal cord injury and was paralyzed.

These types of injuries can be devastating. Victims can experience a dramatic shift in what they are able to do when their spinal cord has suffered trauma, and they can experience irreversible paralysis, serious headaches and chronic back pain.

In the event of a serious accident that results in a spinal cord injury, it can be crucial for victims and their families to understand their legal options to pursue compensation. Filing a lawsuit can be an effective way to hold a negligent party, like the manufacturer of a defective product, accountable for damages.

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