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What are the most common injuries from truck accidents?

The brakes screech, the tires squeal, and then comes the unmistakable sound of metal slamming against metal or another hard surface. Motor vehicle accidents are always bad, and in many cases the results are devastating. Although some accidents happen purely because of an unfortunate set of circumstances, many could be avoided if someone were paying closer attention to the road and the task at hand.

Whatever the cause of the accident, people can suffer all types of injuries in a collision. Some are more common than others, and some tend to be more severe than others.

According to, some of the most common, and also some of the worst, injuries people suffer in auto and truck accidents are to the head and brain.

Passengers and drivers alike often suffer blows to the head, especially in high-speed accidents. The inside of a vehicle is not all that soft: Hitting your head against the steering wheel, the dashboard or a window can result in a traumatic brain injury. It may be a mild concussion, or it may be bad enough to result in a coma or long-term cognitive issues. A "bump on the head" could also result in hearing and vision issues.

There are often no external signs of a brain injury, so sophisticated -- and more expensive -- tests are the only way to diagnose a TBI. Follow-up treatment and care can last for years, even a lifetime, and can cost a small fortune.

Car and truck accidents also often result in neck injuries. Spinal cord injuries in particular may be life-changing. Victims may need expensive treatment or constant care -- or both.

Broken bones in other parts of the body are common as well. An impact can cause a leg or arm to fracture, for example. Facial injuries, including bone fractures and lacerations, are also quite common. Less obvious internal injuries, like a punctured lung or a lacerated spleen or kidney, are also common.

Lastly, although often overlooked, victims can suffer psychological and emotional injuries. The trauma of a fatal crash or a crash with injuries can stay with you for years to come.

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