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Inspection blitz uncovers trucking safety violations

A semi truck with failing brakes can pose a serious safety risk to other motorists on the Pennsylvania roadways. Despite the fact that brake maintenance is critical for trucks to safely navigate the roads, safety violations involving brake issues continue to top the list of problems found by inspectors. In an inspection blitz for Brake Safety Week sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), over 14 percent of all trucks inspected were taken off of the roads due to safety violations involving brake systems. The week, carried out in September 2018, marked the CVSA's latest effort to draw attention to brake maintenance issues.

Poorly maintained brakes could increase the likelihood of a catastrophic trucking accident, especially if a commercial truck driver loses control of the vehicle. While there were a number of different types of violations found during Brake Safety Week, many were serious enough to order some trucks sidelined until repairs were made. Inspectors evaluated 35,080 commercial trucks and took 4,955 of them out of service as a result.

How to stop distracted driving once and for all

Even the most cautious drivers fall prey to distractions every now and again. Unfortunately, if you're not paying attention to the road, there's a better chance that you'll be part of a motor vehicle accident.

The good thing is that any driver can change their ways. Even if you've made mistakes in the past, you don't have to do so in the future.

Scientific advances reveal pediatric cancer misdiagnoses

Pennsylvania residents may be concerned to learn that many traditional methods used to diagnose cancerous brain tumors in children can be flawed. Due to mistaken diagnoses, some children have received incorrect treatments. Errors in cancer diagnosis can be particularly problematic because cancer is a progressive disease, so a delay in correct treatment can mean a loss of health and even life. New scientific advances that allow doctors to examine the molecular profile of a tumor have enhanced the ability to correctly diagnose these cancers.

Researchers have urged other pediatric specialists to use these newer tests to diagnose brain cancers. In addition, families should insist on these DNA methylation tests in order to avoid dangerous misdiagnoses. Doctors should remember that different tumors can look alike under a microscope but require different forms of treatment.

These causes of distracted driving can pose a problem

When you hop in the driver's seat and put your car in drive, you understand you're taking on a big responsibility. Even if you have many years of experience and all the knowledge you require, there's always a chance you could be part of an accident.

You don't have control over other drivers, meaning that another person could cause an accident. What you can control, however, is the decisions you make when you're behind the wheel.

Avoiding dog bite injuries

A pet dog is a cherished member of the family in one-third of households in Pennsylvania and around the country. Unfortunately, this means that dog bite injuries are extremely common in the United States. About one in five dog bites are serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, and a dog's saliva can be just as dangerous as its teeth. The Centers for Disease Control urges Americans to disinfect dog bites even if no further medical treatment is necessary to prevent the spread of illnesses caused by bacteria such as Clostridium tetani, MRSA, Pasteurella and Capnocytophaga.

Avoiding dog bite injuries involves taking a few common-sense precautions and learning a little about dogs. One of the first things to understand is that dogs are fiercely protective. Even docile pets may attack without warning if they think that one of their loved ones is in danger. Unknown dogs should be approached with caution and treated with care until trust has been established, and sleeping or preoccupied dogs are best given a wide berth.

Traumatic brain injury treatment: Get the help you need

There are many causes of a traumatic brain injury, ranging from a motor vehicle accident to a slip-and-fall accident to a sports collision (among others).

If you have reason to believe you've suffered a traumatic brain injury, it's important to receive immediate medical attention. Immediate emergency care entails many things, such as ensuring that you're getting enough oxygen, maintaining a safe blood pressure and preventing additional damage to the brain and surrounding areas.

Ensuring an accurate diagnosis for LBD

Pennsylvania residents may want to know what the different forms of dementia are before they speak with a physician. It's especially important to get an early diagnosis of Lewy body dementia because early treatment can benefit those with LBD more so than those with Alzheimer's. An accurate diagnosis is equally important because those with LBD can suffer severe side effects from certain medications for behavior and movement.

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by the loss of recent memory, language problems, anxiety and personality changes. Another form of dementia is vascular dementia where a series of small strokes deprive the brain of oxygen. Its symptoms include walking with rapid, shuffling steps and laughing or crying at inappropriate times. Frontotemporal dementia is an umbrella term for several disorders that affect personality and behavior.

Contact a personal injury attorney after a car crash

In the immediate aftermath of a car crash, there's nothing more important than your health and well-being. This means one thing: You need to receive medical treatment as quickly as possible.

As you recover and begin to ponder the future, you may come to realize that contacting a personal injury attorney would be in your best interest. The primary benefit of hiring an attorney is to have someone on your side to assist with protecting your legal rights.

Important considerations when seeking naturalization

Coming to the United States is a major life decision for people who live in other countries. For many of these individuals, becoming a naturalized citizen is a dream. There are many things that must come together to make a successful petition to come into the country, as well as to become a citizen.

Remember that you can't have any mistakes when you are making your petitions. Everything has to be in order because any error can mean that your application is declined. Here are some important things to remember about becoming a naturalized citizen:

  • Residency and physical presence: You must be in the United States legally as a permanent resident with an I-551. You have to be an adult who is at least 18 years old and who has lived in the country for at least 30 months during the five years preceding your application. If you are out of the country for six months to one year, you must show that you didn't abandon your resident status.
  • Language: You must be able to speak, write and read English before you can become naturalized. If you have a mental condition or are elderly, you might not have to meet this requirement.
  • Allegiance and the Constitution: You must be willing to support and defend the Constitution. As part of the naturalization process, you will say an oath of allegiance that testifies to this. When religious beliefs forbid you from taking an oath, this step may be modified to respect those beliefs.
  • Testing requirement: You have to take a test that shows you know the basic fundamentals related to the United States government and a basic knowledge of the country's history. Some individuals, including those who have a recognized mental or physical impairment that limits their abilities to learn and relay their understanding, might be excused from this aspect of becoming a naturalized citizen.
  • Paperwork: You must ensure that all your paperwork is turned in correctly. This includes answering all questions and meeting any applicable deadlines.

Results are in for CVSA's International Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its annual International Roadcheck in June. The three-day event ended with 67,502 roadside inspections being conducted across North America, the results of which have just been released. Truck fleet owners in Pennsylvania may be interested in learning about the more unsafe trends.

During the inspection spree, 11,897 vehicles and 2,664 drivers were issued out-of-service orders. The inspections differed in terms of what they covered, but 45,400 were Level I inspections, which are the most comprehensive. Of all trucks that underwent the Level I inspection, 21.6 percent wound up with an out-of-service order.

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