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August 2016 Archives

Agencies propose speed limiting regulations for trucks

Truck and bus drivers in Pennsylvania may soon have mandatory speed limiters installed on their vehicles. Proposed regulations that would mandate the installation of speed limiting devices on commercial vehicles are open for public comment.

Preventable medical errors still a concern at hospitals

Patients in Pennsylvania hospitals can die as a result of their injury or illness or because a health care provider commits an error. In the 1999 report 'To Err is Human," the U.S. Institute of Medicine estimated that there are between 44,000 and 98,000 hospital deaths every year caused by preventable medical errors. Since the report was released, improving hospital safety and preventing medical errors has been a top priority for researchers and regulatory organizations.

Misdiagnosing Alzheimer's disease

Pennsylvania residents who have elderly parents or who are aging themselves may be interested to learn that approximately one in five Alzheimer's cases may actually be misdiagnosed. This is because there is no test that can provide a 100 percent accurate diagnosis. For those who are misdiagnosed, the stress and delays in treatment for other disorders can be detrimental.