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December 2015 Archives

Rule change for logging trucking hours

Road safety is an important issue in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Fatigued driving can be especially dangerous, and this issue has been addressed extensively in the trucking industry because drivers can be pressured to meet deadlines by driving even when tired. In spite of regulations, some drivers continue to operate their vehicles while sleep-deprived, keeping two sets of logs to cover up their failure to comply with limits. However, a new rule that has been issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is designed to increase compliance and accountability.

Cancer screening guideline changes and detection rates

Although routine screenings for certain types of cancer may be beneficial for early detection, some Pennsylvania health care providers may change their approach to ordering such testing based on relaxed guidelines. In the case of prostate cancer, for example, a 2012 change in recommendations has led to a reduction of nearly 20 percent in screening among a couple of important demographic groups. This change has been accompanied by a reduction in early detection rates as well.