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September 2015 Archives

New report says misdiagnosis a major problem in U.S.

According to a new report by the Institute of Medicine most people in Pennsylvania and nationwide will experience at least one misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis in their lifetimes. The report called for urgent changes throughout the health care industry to correct the problem. It said the best way to reduce diagnostic errors is to take patient complaints more seriously. To that end, patients should be quickly provided copies of test results and encouraged to ask questions, including whether or not a diagnosis is correct.

The prognosis after a Pennsylvania spinal cord injury

When a Pennsylvania resident suffers a spinal injury, its severity depends on which vertebrae was injured. If the high-cervical nerves are injured, an individual may experience limited bowel control and numbness or paralysis of the arms and legs. It may be impossible for someone with a high-cervical injury to breath on his or her own or speak without assistance.