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June 2015 Archives

Summer is a dangerous time for teen drivers - and the rest of us

There is nothing like the first week or two of summer. The days are not stifling, the beach beckons, schools are out and a general sense of relief that winter is truly over settles in. The Delaware Valley takes a deep breath and basks in that sense of wellbeing.

Breast cancer misdiagnosis may lead to medical malpractice claim

Many Pennsylvania women may be living proof that breast cancer can be overcome. However, those are likely the cases in which early detection, diagnoses and timely treatment secured survival. Unfortunately, many cases of breast cancer are misdiagnosed because biopsy results or mammogram images are misinterpreted, mixed up or misread. A delay in cancer diagnosis can have serious implications and may even lead to premature death, and it is not surprising that many medical malpractice lawsuits result from such negligence.