Did A Loved One Suffer From Nursing Home Neglect?

Decisions about how to care for relatives or loved ones when they can no longer care for themselves are difficult. Those decisions shouldn't be made more difficult by the negligence, carelessness, or improper care of the institutions which have agreed to take the responsibility for someone's well-being and safety. Unfortunately, nursing home malpractice does occur. If it does, we can help.

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Common Types Of Injuries

The injuries and conditions we've seen in our experience handling nursing home malpractice cases are wide-ranging. Family members often contact us with questions about an unexplained bruise or bruises. Even if the bruise appears to be minor, sometimes it can be an indication of negligent care. In some instances, there are severe bruises, indicating higher degrees of needless pain and suffering and possible improper care or neglect.

Without warning, family members can get a call about a fall that has occurred at a nursing home or elder care facility. The injury might involve head trauma, internal injuries or it might involve a severe fracture. Bone fractures, head injuries and bruises can often be the result of a fall. Falls can occur while walking, sitting, wandering off the premises or even sleeping, and can sometimes lead to the death of a loved one. For many people in a nursing home or a long-term care facility, close supervision and attention is required to prevent falls. When a fall occurs and causes significant injuries, it may be the result of nursing home negligence, and an experienced attorney should be contacted.

Bedsores (also known as "pressure ulcers") can be a common but preventable condition, especially in immobilized or bedridden patients. Bedsores can lead to severe pain and even death. Those who rely on a nursing home or long-term care facility should expect to be safe and comfortable, with proper medical care and supervision, free of distress or injury. If you suspect that your loved one has suffered at the hands of their care provider, don't hesitate to call or contact us.

We've obtained monetary relief for many victims of inadequate care, nursing home negligence, carelessness and outright nursing home neglect.

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